10 Basic Things Every Girl Should Have Figured Out By Age 24

Still working on #4 .

Thought Catalog

1. How to live on a budget. Unless you are being bank rolled and don’t have a single financial care in the world, you simply have to learn live within your means. Being on a budget means knowing what bills to pay and when, how much you can save, any short-term (and long-term) things you need to save for, etc. It won’t be easy and maybe you won’t be at 100% yet but you must have some semblance of the reality of your finances and how to live with it and/or improve it.

2. How to cook simple meals. Cooking, contrary to popular belief in this part of the world, does not take any superhuman talent. Cooking is mostly about throwing a bunch of things together (in seemingly correct measurements) and going with it. But seriously by age 24, you should be able to spend a whole week cooking all…

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