4 Quick Study Breaks for Finals Week

Bottled Creativity

Hello, World.

Guess what today is? If you answered Thursday, you are correct, but this Thursday is important for a few reasons. Today marks one week from me moving home, one week from my last final exam, and one week from the end of my second year in college! It’s crazy to me how quickly college is going by, and I’m actually quite sad about how fast the days are going. I’m heading to Starbucks soon to study with a friend, partly because I have a coffee addiction, and partly because it’s getting close enough to finals that everyone in the English-speaking world is holed up in the library. As I begin my intense, crazy, relentless days of studying, though, I am thinking about breaks. I am the type of person who has to take breaks every hour while I study because otherwise I become a stressed out, emotional, unable…

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