Fuck-it Friday’s!

It’s Friday.  Meaning at 5 o’ clock p.m. working Americans will be getting off of work with the delightful knowledge that tomorrow morning does not require getting up at 7:00 a.m.  Tonight, we can kick off our shoes, pour ourselves a drink, and let loose.  It’s a wonderful thing Fridays; so wonderful in fact that I propose Friday’s to become “Fuck-it Friday’s.” 

To clarify, the week days shall go as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fuck-it Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Fuck-it Fridays shall be the day that nothing productive gets accomplished.  We wake up no earlier than 10:30.  There is coffee and a giant breakfast.  There is a 20 minute shower instead of 10.  There will be time to read the newspaper (or Twitter which is my newspaper.) The day is filled with all of the things we cannot have in our normal work week.  This is not to say that Monday through Thursday shall not be productive.  We will go to work on time and be ready to work! There will be no grumbling. Lunch breaks will not be excessive.  Our work will be completed at the end of each business day.  This I consider most important because Fuck-it Fridays need to be earned.  This is an entire day that is no longer filled with work but instead filled with fun and therefore should be taken seriously.  

I like to compare this to a snow day.  Back when we were young and in school, we were told to encourage a snow day by doing all sorts of ridiculous things: spoon under the pillow, wearing our pajama’s inside out, etc.  I’m sure there were lots of variations from household to household but what remained constant was the promise that all of our homework was to be done.  Like Santa Clause the snow day God would know if we didn’t complete our homework and would call us right out on it! I use this analogy to reiterate the importance of being productive Monday-Thursday.  You wanted that snow day. You want this Fuck-it Friday so don’t fuck it up! 

I don’t see why this can’t work.  Studies have shown that American levels of production cause heightened levels of stress.  Foreign corporate industries treat their employees like people instead of machines which is why they are happier than us! Now why can’t we be happier employees? In my experience, happy employees are more productive, more loyal, and more likely to exceed expectations.  This. Is. Possible! I propose that everyone try this. Try out your Fuck-it Friday today! Now I can’t guarantee that your boss will be okay with this.  However, you won’t know until you try.  In the words of the poster in my fifth grade gym class of the hockey player, “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.)


Have a wonderful (Fuck-it) Friday! 


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