Never A Failure Always A Lesson




I will admit that I have caught the tattoo bug.  For those tattoo virgins, the “tattoo bug” refers to the craving one gets after getting their first tattoo.  It was a long time before I could conceptualize the fact that someone would actually want to have a sharp needle creating an artistic scab in their skin voluntarily! After my first tattoo however, I was hooked.  There is an indescribable rush in getting a tattoo.  An erotic pain of sorts.  

Having said that however, I don’t believe in getting tattoos on a whim.  They are permanent.  Each tattoo that I have has significant meaning to me.  My latest tattoo pictured above means a great deal to me and I want to share its meaning with all of you.

About two years ago I went through a huge transition in my life.  I began developing my own voice and my own thoughts for the first time.  I began to separate myself from the dysfunction I was surrounded by.  For the very first time in my young but not so young life, I was working hard.  I was working so hard that I was turning into a completely unrecognizable me.  Goodbye were the days that I was passive, reactive, and submissive.  On this path of rebirth I pissed off lots of people that didn’t understand what I was experiencing.  A person that used to be my center and rock said the one thing that rocked my world.

She called me a failure.  Working every day, going to school full time, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life while living up to the highest of expectations from my parents and finally taking responsibility for my own actions, and I was being called a failure.  How could that be? How is it that someone so close to you could simply not see all of my hard efforts?  It crushed me.  No it changed me.  It was a very important lesson that I learned the hard way; but nonetheless I did learn.  I learned that  your choice is yours alone.  Your successes and failures are yours alone. Your actions whether good are bad are not failures, they are just lessons.  Hence, tattoo number two.

It hurt like hell getting it.  It was a lengthy process and quite uncomfortable; but it was a process I would never take back.  This tattoo is a constant reminder that my choices whether they be good or bad are mine.  They are never failures only lessons.  If you take anything away from this article, I hope you’ve discovered that tattoos should mean something. No one is going to look attractive when they’re blowing out candles to their 80th birthday, but there is nothing worse than paying good amounts of money to have something etched into your skin that you’ll grow to hate.  Make sure that you’re tattoo means something to you.  My tattoo is a constant reminder to have faith in my actions.  No one can take that away from me.  Literally.  




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