Happy First Day of Spring!


It’s official! Today marks the end of the dreaded winter solstice.  Goodbye to warming up the car, scraping ice off the windshield, hats and gloves, and the like.  Hello to warmer weather, sundresses, and longer more beautiful days!  In honor of the first day of the Spring Equinox here are a few things that I’m looking forward to:

Free Rita’s Italian Ice.   Every year Rita’s Italian Ice gives out a free regular sized Italian ice in honor of the first day of spring a.k.a. the first day of the Italian ice season!  


Longer days.  With daylight savings officially upon us, there will no longer be darkness up above before 6 pm.  With longer days comes camp fires, camping, trips to the beach, late night adventures and beautiful sunsets to bask in.


 Spring Break.  Ask any college student what they love most about Spring semester– it’s Spring Break.  Spring Break is that hard earned week (and some change) where we get to not think about tests, not think about boring lectures, not think about papers, and not think about our academic responsibilities.  It’s our first little taste of Summer which all can’t get enough of.  


Sundresses.  Don’t get me wrong my UGGS and sweatpants are comfy cozy but the warm and fuzzy feeling gets old.  With spring comes the changing of the closet.  The jeans and parkas are replaced with dresses and sandals.  Let’s face it, spring fashion is just more fun to look forward to.

 Spring menus! Smoothies, watermelon, sangria, crab cakes.  It’s all coming back! There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside with a friend enjoying a nice spring meal.  The air is flowing, the sun is shining, and the food is fun.  


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